Elasta Thane 25 PU Liquid Membrane

We had a product demonstrations for the new Elasta Thane 25 PU Liquid Membrane which was a great success and lots of people attending throughout the morning.  A few photos and details on how to apply the product.  Technical data sheets are available at the bottom for both Elasta Than 25 PU Liquid Membrane and Elasta Thane Rapid Cure Primer, and the application sheet is also available as a download.

IMG_1698 IMG_1699



  1. Clean substrate of loose material and jagged edges like stones etc., Use a vacuum if possible, remember the better the surface the better the result and finish, you are only applying 1.5 to 1,8 kgs per m2 this is approx a 1.2mm membrane
  2. The surface is required to be dry, do not apply the primer if the surface is wet, if there are damp spots dry with heat gun or gas torch.  Carefully apply the primer evenly so as not to pond, the requirement is a maximum of 0.2kgs or 200grams per m2.

Same day primer (elasta thane rapid cure pu primer)

  1. Allow the primer to dry 2-4 hours depending on humidity and temperature. Applying the elasta thane 25 pu membrane immediately after the primer dries will give you perfect adhession as it will be chemical bonded, if there will be delay on applying the main coat due to rain or any other reason, then apply the next day primer (super seal primer)& wait 24 hours before the elasta thane 25 liquid pu application.

Next day primer (elasta thane super seal primer)

  1. Allow the primer to absorb and cure, this will anchor itself to the substrate and will give you perfect adhesion as well as chemical bonding.  Apply elasta thane 25 liquid membrane next day/week/month – this primer has great memory and will maintain its chemical bonding long after the next day primer has been applied. Elasta thane cannot be coated until after 12 hrs.
  2. Where there are weak areas, joints, upstands, corners etc., Use the either glass fibre csm or geotextile and apply wet on wet.
  3. If there are open joints or gaps then apply pu sealant, this is required after the primer application and before the main coat.
  4. For pitched and vertical surfaces add thixotool paste at a rate of 10-30% depending on pitch this will minimise runs.
  5. The system has a fire rated additive to din standard 4102 (b2) contact our technical department to discuss the percentage dosage.

Elasta Thane 25 PU Liquid Membrane Technical Data Sheets & Application Guide

You can use any PDF viewer to open a PDF form to print or read on screen. Downloading Adobe Reader is free and only takes a couple of minutes.

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