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Anderson 3B Preparation Layer

Anderson 3B Flat Roofing Preparation Layer

The Anderson range of preparation layers are glass reinforced and coated with oxidised bitumen.

This is a range of products traditionally known as ‘BS747 felts’. BS 747 has now been withdrawn and replaced with BS 8747: 2007 – Reinforced bitumen membranes (RBM’s) for roofing – Guide to selection and specification.

Preparation Layers

  • Glass based
  • Available in standard or perforated

Glass fibre 20m roll RRP £28.50 + VAT – Our Price £14.50 +VAT

Anderson 3B

Anderson 3B

Durability:  Built up roofing correctly designed and installed incorporating Thermoglas 3B can have a life span in excess of 10 years.

We have a vast selection available.  Call now on 01704 233300 for details.