Uniquely Patented Roof Tiles from Condron 3in1

Uniquely Patented Roof Tiles from Condron

Save on both materials and labour, as well as being a faster application


Size 265mm x 500mm
Pitch 30° minimum
Gauge maximum 100mm
Cover Width 500mm
Cover Capacity 100mm Gauge – 20 Tiles per m2
95mm Gauge – 22 Tiles per m2
90mm Gauge – 24 Tiles per m2
Surface Smooth
Weight (approx) per 1,000 tiles 3.75 tonnes
Batten size for rafters not exceeding 450mm c/c 44mm X 35mm
Batten size for rafters not exceeding 600mm c/c 44mm X 35mm
COLOURS AVAILABLE: Black, Grey, Brown, New Brown, Marigold, Terracotta, Brown Streaky, Red Streaky, Marigold Streaky, Terracotta Streaky and New Brown Streaky


Eave Use Double Course at the Eave with
200mm. Eave/Top Tiles for the Undercourse
Verge Full Tile & Tile and a Half in alternate courses
Top Course Single Course with 200mm Eave/Top Tile
Hip Bonnet Hip Tiles
Ridge Universal Angle Ridge and High Pitch
Angle Ridge
Valley Valley Tile
Angles External 90°
Ornamental Feature Tile
Nails 40mm X 9 g A/Alloy
Bedding Material Coloured Pigments as required

NOTE: Reference should be made to ICP2.2002 for Slating and Tiling and any new Irish code of practices in the future. Condron Concrete Roof Tiles comply with I.S.3: 1972 “Concrete Roofing Tiles” & EN490.