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Manthorpe has been developing innovative building
products for the construction industry for over 35 years.

Developed a range of dry verge, dry fix roofing and dry ridge systems that provide more robust, cost-effective alternatives to traditional mortar finishes.

Their fast-fit systems provide a mechanically secured solution that is far more efficient than traditional methods. Plus, their tried and tested products are designed to work with most types of roof tile to help you avoid long-term maintenance issues caused by exposure to weather and failing of mortar details therefore preventing damage over time.

Dry verge roofing

Protect one of the most vulnerable parts of your roof with Manthorpe’s dry verge roofing solutions, which have been developed to provide a neat, streamlined finish with maximum protection from wind and rain.

The dry verge products are compatible with most slate and tile profiles and are available in a range of colours, ensuring a seamless, visually appealing finish.

Industry professionals rely on key design features of our dry verge roofing to promote rainwater run-off, draining moisture away from the gable wall limiting staining.

Dry fix systems and product testing

Dry ridge and hip systems, along with many other dry fix roofing products, have significantly increased in demand following the recent updating of BS 5534 and the subsequent creation of BS 8612 to oversee the design and installation of dry fix systems.

The installer can be reassured that Manthorpe’s dry fix  systems have been independently tested at the BRE and exceed the requirements of BS8612.

Dry verge and dry fix roofing – completely updated range

Dry fix roofing for both the ridge and hip are all available from Manthorpe to ensure that all aspects of your project are covered… literally! Without the need to use mortar, installation of our dry fix roofing is simpler and quicker, meaning less time on the job and more time for other clients.

If you need more information or advice on our dry verge and dry fix roofing systems or any other aspect of a specific project, you can get in touch with us through our by email or phone, and we’ll be happy to help.

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